Tuesday, 4 March 2014

5 things that make you more creative

Lots of people ask me how they can be more creative, so I've got 5 things that do it for me...

1 - Heartbreak.  

Yep, heartbreak is surely the top thing to make you more creative. It makes you that little bit more passionate about what you do. If you've never had your heart broken, go and fall head over heals in love with someone and then get them to rip your heart out of your chest and drop it on the concrete. Watch the ideas flow! 

Musicians like Adele wouldn't have written great songs without having gone through some shitty heartbreak, after all.  

2 - Shorten the deadline.

Yes, be a bastard to yourself and make your deadline shorter. And I mean really short, like, 'I need this completed by tomorrow or you're fired and the world will end!' kind of short.

If I get a long deadline, I'm more likely to surf the internet until the day before and then I'll do an all nighter.  Everyone does, nobody's that organised - or if they are, they're an android.

I love this video by Ben Squirrel, the founder of Mailchimp, about this very subject.

3 - Get outside.

A change of scenery and getting outside in the fresh air and sunlight is great. Maybe change your view, visit a new city, get out of your comfort zone, go to a different cafe, walk a different route.  Just do it, pronto. 

4 - Coffee

Caffine is like magic dust.  

Visiting cafes and working on their free WIFI is also very productive.

5 - Collect inspiration

Inspiration is all around you, so collect it, cut it out, pin it up.  

I use Pinterest to pin things (and look at a LOT of stuff.. maybe too much) I see online for reference, and a pinboard on my desk with things that I like from other sources like magazines or postcards. You see, to make good work, you've got to see a lot of awesome work from other sources that inspires you to get better. Inspiration is like fuel for your car; creativity won't run unless there's heaps of ideas in your engine. 

I have a few blogs I really love to follow, one of them is the Miss Swiss blog by Tina Roth Eisenberg - please check it out, I've been reading for years and it always gives me a lightbulb moment. Or three.

Did that help? You got any strategies you like use?  Let me know, I could use a few!