Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The best beaches around the world

Everyone loves a good beach!

From the moment you take off your flip-flops and press your feet into the soft, warm sand, heading for the water's edge to dip your toes in a clear, blue twinkling sea....until after dusk when you can snuggle under a blanket watching the moonlight twinkle on the ocean.

...In my head right now, I'm SO there - are you there?

Here are a few of my favourite beaches around the world to get you in a summery mood!

1.  Leighton Beach, Western Australia

Many Australians rave about Cottesloe Beach, but my favourite is Leighton Beach (the long stretch of beach just before Cottesloe, which starts at the North Fremantle end). Leighton is a wider, whiter and the sea is bigger, bluer and it's less crowded. It's also great for a morning surf, paddleboard or swim. I stayed just over the road from this beach while I was travelling and I'd be on the beach by about 6.30am each morning. During that time, Leighton Beach and I became good chums. You can walk all the way to Cottesloe from Leighton - or run, depending on how hot it is! (Also a great bar/cafe there called Bib and Tucker.)

2.  Piahia, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

I love this beach, not because of the beach so much, but really the water and sea surrounding it.

It's filled with lots of memories for me, mostly of being in boats, fishing on the water and eating fresh fish for tea. The water was also so warm too, like bath water to get into. There are amazing little islands scattered everywhere and you can just hop from one to the next, enjoying beauty spot after beauty spot. Really great if you want to discover a hidden cove.

3. St Ives, Cornwall

For years people kept telling me how much I'd like St Ives and how I had to visit, and when I finally got there I couldn't believe I'd left it 29 years before I did!

The colours are amazing, you have to go and see it to believe it. It's that magic kind of place where blue sky meets white washed houses and turquoise blue waters, against pale white sand. The sunlight just before sunset is also very colourful. It's so beautiful it's hard to imagine you're in the UK!

4. Knoll Bay, Studland, Dorset

This beach is where Coldplay filmed their first single Yellow. In the music video, it's raining and dark but the real beach is an incredible stretch of sand, dunes in the background, soft white sand and always blue skies. It's picture perfect and I can see why Coldplay tried to film their first music video here, but sadly it rained on the day they were filming and in a last ditch attempt the director decided to film a cold and wet Chris Martin in one-take. The rest is music video history. A classic.

5. Jervis Bay, NSW Australia

The whitest sand, so soft, so beautiful, and the first place I ever saw dolphins in the wild.

Oh my gosh that was SO hard! I have so many more to share with you! But these are the ones that evoked the most memories.

What beach do you recommend I popped along to next?