Monday, 7 April 2014

Easter flowers

There's a lot of flowers in all the shops at the moment. First there was Mother's Day, and no there's Easter on the way and I think that, in general (what with it being spring and everything) there's a lot of colourful blooms everywhere. Which is lush, totally lush.

I was in Sainsbury's today and I was singing along to myself, humming and very un-tuneful version of Bruno Mars' Locked out of Heaven.

I came across a queue for the salad bar (it was lunch time and the salad bar is my favourite and it's such good value - just cram that plastic container up!)  But it's a small area and it's always busy at lunch with a queue.

There wasn't a queue today so much but there ware a few guys being slow and picky and so I continued to sing to myself un-tunefully. And, well, what do you know, but the young chaps put some speed in their step!

I might try my un-tuneful humming in other situations and see how fast I can made a queue move!

I sketched these flowers (back at home, not in Sainsbury's) but I really wanted to sketch this scene of Times Square. But Times Square looked SO hard and my paper just wasn't big enough. You need a really big piece of paper for New York - it is the big apple, after all!