Friday, 11 April 2014

My desk

Trust me, I wish it WAS this tidy!

The great thing about drawing a picture is that you can creatively 'edit' out the bits you don't want. Handy thing that. However, you will be pleased to know I gave my desk a little tidy yesterday and I have another 'area' scheduled for later today.

The spring cleaning fairies are in full swing in the studio!

 photo mydeskworkspace_zps42836488.jpg

Tulips // My friend Sarah came over for dinner the other night and bought me some gorgeous tulips. I love tulips, they reminded me of her wedding day (gosh was it 7 years ago?) where she had these beautiful purple tulips in her bouquet.

Notepad // Also on my desk is my trusty notepad - I'm a list lover and have lists everywhere; Shopping lists, things I want to do list, things I need to do list, jobs I have to get done list, household chores that need doing list (this one is always the last!)

A cup of coffee // Always a cup of coffee on my desk. I didn't start to drink coffee until my late 20s (I was a late starter, you didn't have things like Starbucks when we were kids so the coffee revolution came during my 20s when the TV show Friends made coffee and coffee houses appealing.)

A pencil // Always a retractable pencil, and this one actually ran out yesterday. What do you do when a retractable pencil runs out? Like, you can't sharpen it?!

My phone // Because there's always something distracting to look at on my phone!  Or I usually snap my works in progress or pictures like the one above on my phone camera.

Have a great weekend!