Thursday, 22 May 2014

London in two days

I love London, it's huge and there's always something to do.

A few things I enjoyed doing in London on a recent two day trip...
 photo londontravelcard_zps75eac8ca.jpg

// Hopping on and off Tubes; popping out in a new area each time, the little independent shops, cafes, sights and touristy attractions.  

// Popping over to see the Queen at Buckingham Palace - I'd never been and must say it's HUGE! 

// Munching on lovely food, burgers, big brunches, breakfasts and enjoying the taste of some awesome coffee.

// Browsing in some of my favourite shops, Antropologie, Liberty, Paperchase, Lululemon Athletica, Zara Homeware, the big Topshop and many more!

And I definitely got a work out running up and down the many many many Tube station staircases!

London really enlivens the senses in more ways than one, and it's such a diverse place - anything goes!

What do you love doing in London? Can you recommend your favourite eateries?