Thursday, 19 June 2014

Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. at Creative Mornings

I've been a fan of Anna Bond's work ever since I started blogging and I discovered her beautiful stationery and wedding invitation line online.

Anna Bond, for those of you who don't know, is the the founder and creative director of Rifle Paper Co, a stand-out success stationery company from the US that have been stocked in high end stores such as Anthropoligie.

Anna hand paints each design and her style is distinctive and quirky.

Anna recently gave a great talk at the Creative Mornings series interviews - and, by the power of the internet and Youtube you can watch the inspiring talk and behind the scenes insight into how Rifle Paper Co started right here.

I truely believe that Anna and Rifle Paper Co have really paved the way for hand illustrator artists like me, and made the authentic line cool and trendy again. So I have nothing but thanks and love for this awesome lady who's hard work and dedication to her stationery line and the creative goods industry, has really paid off and spread handlettered love around the world.

 photo annabondriflepapercothanks_zps51d952bd.jpg

I'm even more excited that Anthropologie now has a new store in Bath, UK - which is just down the road from me and I cannot wait to gooooo!