Monday, 9 June 2014

Desk tour - my creative space

 photo mydeskjune_zps1db063b2.jpg

I had a little spring clean on the weekend  - tidy desk makes a tidy mind, right? (or something along those lines!)

So here's a little corner of my studio where my desk sits. It's usually full of bits of paper, pencil rubbings and empty cups of coffee (don't worry, they're well out of shot!)

I love looking at other people's creative spaces, so you can be a fly on the wall of my studio for today! (until it gets messy again!) - I uploaded a video giving a tour of all the bits and bobs.

Other than clearing up all my crap from my desk - Here's a few other things I got up to last week from my Instagram.

   photo weeklywrap_zps8a26c9ff.jpg

Left to right

2 - My new coffee machine makes a damn good cup!

3 - Beautiful Peonies in the window, loving the sunshine.

4 - Some birthday pressies from my Mum - check out the flouro pineapple scarf, isn't it lush!

5 - New prints ready for their first print run!

6 - Quick photo opportunity in St Ives.

7 - Sewing on photographs, at the ETSY Craft Party - first time I've sewed anything in years!

8 - A quick photo op in the photo booth at the Craft Party.

9 - Second training run in the park for Race for Life - it's at the end of June so better get cracking!

Enjoy your weeks!