Monday, 14 July 2014

Cheltenham loves coffee

Cheltenham has a lot of coffee lovers...

 photo coffeemap2_zps909dea5f.jpg
Grab a coffee map in the Angie B Studio Print Shop

As some of you many know, I live in this beautiful town in the UK called Cheltenham. It's a Spa town, so it's got heaps of old Regency buildings, nice parks, and pretty gardens. It's pretty cool. We're just missing a Wagamamas and a Bills food, and we'd be on parr with Brighton and Bath (just without the beach).  We also have a LOT of coffee shops and cafes. Yes Siree, the Cheltonion likes nothing more than to enjoy a nice slosh of coffee and a slice of cake, while sat outside on a sunny day.

Those who know me will also know I am a big fan of Coffee and I have frequented many of the best around the globe. I also worked in some of the most awesome coffee houses in Australia as, during my time spent there, I trained as a Barista and learned all about coffee beans and how to get the best grind.  

So I combined my two loves, coffee & drawing and came up with this illustrated coffee map of Cheltenham. It's perfect for you to navigate your next coffee adventure from, or to try out some place new (we all get stuck in that coffee rut, right?)

I launched my new online shop this week, with this print as my first edition. It's certainly a popular one, so snap it up for you or your coffee loving friends (I've made a limited edition run, so there's only a few in existance) - and it hangs perfectly in your kitchen or office!
Angie B Studio Shop

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Coming up with the new branding design for the site was a lot of fun and so was producing all the matching stationery with the new logo - I think I was inspired by all the Regency buildings and sandstone hues in Cheltenham, what do you think? Here's a peek of it all >

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That's all from the studio today, I'm off to fuel up at one of my favourite coffee stops..... what's yours?