Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Designing custom stationery and announcements

I love designing stationery; from Wedding 'Save the Date's, to Custom Birth Announcements for tiny new arrivals - there's always heaps of happy occasions to design stationery for! (It's also really great to receive in the post!)

 photo Picframe1_zps9f906d84.jpg

Left to right ::

1 - It was also my niece's first birthday - I can't beleive it, she'll be a teenager in no time at all!

2 - I ate far too much chocolate this weekend. Now I'm on grapes and water.

3 - I got a few new notebooks for myself, because I make a LOT of notes. And lists.

4 - And here's the start of a new Save the Date design, in action for my wedding invite custom collection.

 photo birthannouncements_zps40781c01.jpg

And there's two new tiny people who've got a pair of really proud mums and dads who want to announce the birth of their little ones to the world with these custom designed birth announcement posters - going up in their new nursery's soon.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

logo design made simple

Everybody's got a logo these days. Whether you've got a small business, a blog or even an Etsy shop, a logo makes your idea real, and starts to tell people what your brand is all about, beginning to market your product to new customers and audiences for the first time. It's exciting.

Your logo is the start of your brand story. So start putting it on everything; business cards, labels, bags, buttons, social media - even coffee cups!

Here's five new logos I recently conjured up for some new brands, businesses and blogs...
Which one is your favourite?

 photo logos_angiebstudio1a_zpsbd15f6ec.jpg

Apart from creating logos, I've also been eating lots, as you can tell from my recent instagram snaps >

It's been a busy few weeks, but you can catch up with my daily sketching adventures over on Instagram here. I love Instagram because it's so much quicker to upload something quickly, while keeping your followers up to date with what's happening in your life - Like, what you're eating for dinner!

If you are thinking of starting a business or a blog, or need a fresh new look for the one you have, let me know! I make the whole process really simple, and it's much more gentle on your purse than you'd imagine. {Email me here and say hello!}

 photo logos_angiebstudio2a_zpsf0e9eaaa.jpg

1 ::  Birth Announcement I created for a new little handsome boy.
2 ::  The Mr and me - a photo at Bill's food, Bath.
3 ::  More food at Bill's...I'm excited that the Cheltenham branch will open in September!
4 ::  Awesome Merchandise sent me some print and paper samples. They were ace.
5 ::  Breakfast at Anderson's Cafe.
6 ::  Birthday cupcakes for Matt, Pirate themed (of course ;)
7 ::  A mid afternoon sketch.
8 ::  My to-do list reaches page 2, and my motivation dwindles...

That's all folks, speak soon