Thursday, 2 October 2014

3 tips on designing your business or wedding stationery

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/ new business cards to give to my friendliest friends and new clients /
So you're a new business, and need a business cards to give to new customers or clients to make them see how awesome you are...

Or,'re getting married, and need some fancy cards to pop in the mail for your friends and family?

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/ loved designing these cards for a special couple, choosing recycled material cards for that ethereal look! /
Whatever your printed needs may be, help is at hand! Here are my 3 tips to getting some awesome printed stationery for whatever your printed needs may be! AND 10% if you do!

{This post isn't sponsored by the way folks, I mention quite a bit and I just wanted to explain that I'm just sharing this because have helped me get my business moving forward so much over the last 4 years I would not have got here without them, so thanks to them I'm now passing this on to you!}

1. Visit
They make uploading and ordering cards a cinch! ( They have heaps of templates to choose from and this rather nifty little 'design in screen' gadget that makes setting up your business cards easy peasy if you don't have a designer to help you. The paper they print on is also superior quality and feels ace...(the feel of paper is so important, right?)

2.  Contact a designer
If you'd rather a custom personalised design, and a little more help, then grab a designer, someone friendly like me (or someone else, there are heaps of talented ones out there and they will always provide a no obligation quote), and tell them all the lovely inspiration you have! 

3.  Get the right file format
I do all the fancy designery stuff and digitise your design and then send it to you in what's called PDF file that the nice people at can print from. They like PDF files because a PDF file can show the right colours (CMYK) and any bleed and crop marks that they'll need for your design.  If you don't have a PDF file a JPEG file set up as CMYK colours will do nicely also.

Don't worry if that all sounds like gobboldygook! If getting business or personal stationery is holding you up from getting things produced and moving forward I can help you get back on track!

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a selection of some pops of pink in this little montage of recent work, creations and my new spotty shirt from Boden which makes me feel like a candy bar.
Plus if you share by Retweeting this post on Twitter, I'll give you 10% off my business card or wedding stationery services throughout October! (contact me on to let me know when you've done it!)

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And here's a 10% off code to use with the lovely print folk at if you do want to get designing yourself! >> click here 

Whatever your printing needs, I'm always happy to advise or point you in the direction of someone who can!

Cheerio for now, I'm off in search of biscuits.

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