Friday, 27 February 2015

Studio songs

 photo cool_desk_new_lamp2_zpsfayqy6iy.jpg
Tidy desks, that aren't mine either, but those lamps, those lamps are goooood. Image Sources here and here


Was that ANOTHER week that just went by?

Like, seriously, that's crazy. I can't quite accept that it's going to be March next week already.

That means that Summertime's on its way, and that makes me very happy.

 photo magic_letyourhairdown_zps6ortdhpy.jpg

So I tidied my desk, I spent a nice few days away in Bath (relaxing!) ate some lovely pasture fed meat from a local farm, ticked 3 jobs off the to do list, met some lovely new clients, and decided that I can get away with my roots for another week.

What did you get up to?

So with Summer on my mind, I'm was dreaming of lazy days listening to music on the beach, slapping on some Factor 25 and I came across this great portable speaker kit for the beach. It reminds me of my youth, in the 80's (yes I'm an 80's child) pop colours and plastic. I am in love.

Sunnylife 'Beach Sounds' Portable Water Resistant Speaker & Radio

And what to play on it? That's easy, the new album by Magic, is being played on repeat in the studio this week and it's making my steam through my emails.

Hope you all have a lovely, restful weekend. I'm off for brunch, one of my favourite ways to spend a lazy weekend morning.

Now, baby, let your hair down. The song I like by Magic is below, press play and enjoy!