Monday, 9 March 2015

Packaging design inspiration

 photo packaging101_zpsixo6mncx.jpg
Images and brand credits :: Paul and Joe Make up /  Cheeky  /  Cowshed bath and beauty products

I love packaging, don't you?

And I'll admit I've often bought an item, simply because of its beautiful design.

I'm such a sucker.

 photo foodpackaging101_zpsxw8kryzy.jpg
Images and brand credits :: The Primal Kitchen  /  Harvey Nichols Orange Blossom Water / Phin and Phebes Ice Cream

There are many things to consider when designing packaging for a product, from the marketing mix and customer dynamics, to evaluating the competition, setting key objectives and obviously setting a budget  (there's also the size of the product, the manufacturing process and the material the design will be printed onto to consider - all equally important), but here are a few more points I always find are key to focus on when designing packaging.

- For beauty and/or food, it has to have the SHELF FACTOR:  Would it look good on a shelf?  Would it look good/feel nice in your hand? When it's lined up against other brands, does it stand out as being a bit more special? A bit more, 'something'?  Would classy Instagrammers like to style it in their photographs?

- For food packaging, here's something else I think about - We all like to eat with our eyes, so;
Does it MAKE YOUR MOUTH WATER? Does it make you want to rip open the package and eat or drink it? And, ultimately, would it look good on the kitchen shelf/worktop?

- Branding design is very much an emotional response - the VOICE, the PERSONALITY, the TASTE, the SMELL, the TOUCH and TEXTURE of a product or brand. And this must be consistent throughout all marketing delivery too. Even through to the social media responses, the 'personality' of the brand must be consistently used.  For example; if it's a fun product, with fun packaging, make the social media responses be a bit quirky too.

My job as a designer is to make the brand shine through no matter what the budget is - to make sure all the design brief points are bought together creatively.

It's exciting, and I always love those first sketches and doodles that eventually become something real.

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